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Indroduction to Bathtub Rx, LLC - Gary Mott

Bathtub Rx, LLC

Tub before and Tub Five hours later

Hi, My name is Gary Mott and I am a Bathtub and Tile refinisher located in Fairfield County, Ct

I am 49 and have lived here in Ct all my life.

I used to work in the corporate world for 22 years. The company I worked for relocated to Texas. I was asked to relocate with them however, having family and friends here in CT we decided to stay among other reasons that I won't bore you with here. I have decided back in 2005 to start a company working for myself. Not relying on other companies for an income.

I first looked into buying a franchise and came across refinishing. There was this franchise for sale so I looked into buying this. However, I had my reservations. $45,000 to buy into it and there were all these restrictions.

1) Had limited area to work in.
2) Had to buy the chemicals from the franchise.
3) Had to pay royalties and there were minimum royalties whether I was doing business or not.
4) There was no help with advertisement.
5) Had a 12 year contract.

I luckily came across a chemical companies website that sells the chemicals needed for such a business without being a Franchise. It just required that you were certified in some way as a refinisher and has affiliations with a refinishing school.

I went and took the class and came back home and purchased chemicals and tools required.

I did my own bathroom first. Tub and all the tiles on the walls.

I then did my parents tub which was pink to start out with into white.

Then I did a friends tub and after this I started business which today is know as Bathtub Rx, LLC.
Only about 10% of people survive after 1 year in the business. It now has been 5 years for me since going to the school.
Mind you this is an on going learning experience. I am learning new things everyday. Thanks to the PBRA (Professional Bathtub Refinishing Association) I am able to learn from a group of very knowledgeable refinishers with many years experience from all over the country. There are only 3 members here in CT and I am the exclusive member as of now here in Fairfield County.

Website is simply

At the website you can see more pictures and a lot of good information.
Beware of lowballers!!!
I lost a job again recently to an out of state, non-legit lowballer who advertised in a local media. He is not licenced to do this work therefore I also doubt that he is a BBB member.Non-legit businesses can charge less because they don't have the expense of being a legit business.I pay Licence fees to the State, BBB membership fees, Liability insurance fees, Commercial Insurance fees for my van, Business Entity taxes, Federal and State taxes.To be legit it costs more therefore the prices are reflective of this. I'm sorry I can't offer you the same price as these illegal outfits and be legit at the same time. You should ask if they are legit. (Licenced, insured, Etc)I do the work myself and I'm also local here in Norwalk. Living here since 1964. Not just a local telephone number making you think they are local. They may come and do the job but, if you have an issue good luck. Do you think they will show up?Please support your local legitimate businesses so we can stay in business or if you don't care and just want the lowest price. So be it. I'm pretty good at flipping hamburgers too. "You want fries with that"

My hobby is playing the keyboards. My parents bought me an organ years ago and had lessons.

I have since bought a Yamaha digital keyboard which I have composed some of my own music. Years ago I got tired of playing sheet music and started composing my own music. I found this to me more relaxing. I just kind of meditate.

If you care to you can see a 1 time take that I put up on My Space

Any comments you may have would be very appreciated.

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Serge said...

People would surely get to love their bathtubs even more after they get to refinish that fixture that soaks all their stress away after a long day at work.